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my magazines

It’s all about cool, crafty things… artist profiles, unusual crafts, tutorials, and more. I have all 10 print copies. Unfortunately, they’re ceasing print publication but are still on the web at

This is the only “women’s” magazine I’m willing to read. And I read every issue cover-to-cover.

Lots of clever household-type projects, and fun columns such as the monthly MacGuyver column. I’ve heard they’ve changed ownership and staffing, though, so the jury is out as to whether I’ll keep subscribing.


like an episode of ‘house,’ without the life-threatening part

Latest update: My dad was supposed to go home from the hospital yesterday, but he developed a fever and had to stay another day. They didn’t find anything seriously wrong with his heart or arteries. My mom remembered a friend of hers had chest pain before having gallbladder surgery. So she asked the doctor if he thought my dad’s gallbladder should be tested.

That’s what’s going on today. I also had my hair cut. I’m trying to decide if it’s short enough. (I do like it, though.)

Also, I’m all about the zombies today: read this and imagine seeing that during your morning commute. Also, check out this soon-to-be-released book. Awesome.

hiding out

We finally convinced Peter to work on his German dialog, which is 60% of his final. (Tomorrow is the last day of finals, which were pushed back a few days due to dangerous windchills, school cancellation, blah blah blah.) Moon is helping him, because of course hers is done, despite the fact that she would have an A in the class even if she skipped the final. Because that’s how she rolls.

Anyway, I thought I’d remove myself from the situation because I know if I’m sitting there I will interject unwanted comments, and my deep desire for Peter to pass his classes will emit desperation rays and distract everyone from the task at hand.

This has been a busy weekend. Moon and Pete had master class at Good ‘n Loud yesterday, which was a wild ride of difficult music including Rush’s YYZ. (For some reason, my mind shuts down when I speak that song title. I’ve called it XYZ, XYY and XXY. Hey, there aren’t any lyrics, so it could be about chromosome abnormalities.)

I’ve been knitting as usual and have already finished some new projects. Now I’m back to working on my Cassidy. The back and front panels are done, and I’ve started the first sleeve. At this rate, I won’t finish until spring, but that might be okay. The yarn is kind of an in-between weight.

In other news, I convinced the family to get AT&T U-verse, which means we have (1) DVR, and (2) way more channels than ever before. The DVR thing is way, way better than having to use videotape. And it’s been a culture shock getting used to watching quality programming such as The Colbert Report whenever we’d like. Remember when I eschewed television as opiate for the masses? And was proud that I’d never seen an episode of Friends? Yeah. I kind of think TV is awesome now.


We’re all doing much better, thanks. Also, as of last night the kids and I are completely caught up with Lost. Which means we can watch new episodes with everyone else, yay. My mind is still kind of reeling from the finale, but fortunately there are some cool and helpful special features on the DVD set. (A collection of the flash-forwards in order, for one.)

I haven’t been back to the pool yet, but I’m thinking about going tomorrow. One must be sure to be virus-free before sharing fluid space with others.

a funny movie

So yesterday, to celebrate Moon’s acceptance to the college of her choice, we decided to have dinner at our favorite Indian restaurant. (I know! In the middle of the week!) We told the owner—well, I’ve always assumed he’s the owner—it was a celebration, and he was very kind and congratulatory. The kids think he’s awesome. He calls Peter “boss,” which amuses him greatly.

Anyway, as we were leaving, Peter commented that he liked the Bollywood music playing in the background. Apparently it was from the soundtrack to a popular movie. Our friend wrote the title down and told us to go to a nearby Indian market, where we could check out the movie. No charge. “If you are charged, you have them call me,” he said.

I stopped at the market while I was on another errand this evening. The movie was not in stock, but the owner signed me up for a free membership and said he would call me when he had it again. He also offered me any other movie for free, but of course I had no idea what to choose. I asked him to pick out something good for me. “You like love stories? Funny movies?” he asked.

I went with comedy. He assured me he was giving me a hilarious movie, and I can’t wait to find out. I’m wondering how funny will translate.

(P.S. Dreary, foggy day outside. Normal funk, which is a delightful change from the full-on crazy funk. Which means I’m still doing well.)


Go and read McSweeney’s: Extended Trailer for American Demographic: The Movie.

SMALL-BUSINESS OWNER: What do I owe you?

JOE THE PLUMBER: More than $250,000 a year. Despite my name and salary, I’m neither a Mafia boss nor a porn star.

sytycd in green bay

Dance fans, we saw the SYTYCD tour performance in Green Bay on Saturday, and it was (imagine my sing-song voice) fabulous! We found out there was a meet-and-greet outside after the performance, so we stood and waited and got to meet everyone except Courtney. Moon collected autographs on her program, and got Mark and Gev to sign the 8x10s she had bought. Wait … I had bought. It was my money.

Anyway, we had a lot of fun, even Peter, who insisted on mocking the cold by taking off his hoodie and standing around in his shorts and t-shirt. At least it wasn’t January.

I didn’t sleep very well in the hotel bed, but I’m recovering. Happy Monday.


The Measure of a President

I thought this was really interesting. Obama needs a top hat!

a few things

  1. This shirt made me smile this morning, and it also made me think of Jodi.
  2. Kim sold a greeting card to Jonah Hill. She lives in LA now, so opportunities to rub shoulders with celebrities happen far more often than they do in Madison. (And needless to say, more often than they would in Somonauk, IL.) Her creations are available to us little people, too!
  3. Heroes last night was all kinds of awesome. I’m even willing to overlook some of last week’s continuity problems because sort-of-good Sylar rocks so very hard. Plus, Mama Petrelli “feeding” her child? Deliciously evil!
  4. I don’t want to speak too soon, but I think the dizziness that has plagued me for the past two weeks is subsiding.
  5. Flock is really slow lately. I’ve been using Chrome, and I love that it doesn’t crash like Firefox does, but I miss all the extensions. I hope Google hurries up and (a) releases a Mac version of Chrome, (b) creates an email checker.

what a relief

Charge dropped against man accused of passing gas

Back from the Idols

Moon with Michael JohnsHere’s the whole photo set. I only uploaded the better pictures. Moon took lots of concert photos, but our seats were not good enough for them to come out very well. I’ve learned not to reserve floor seats unless they’re right in front. Now I know!

NaBloPoMo failure

So, I was going to try to post every day all month, since July’s topic is FOOD. And I love food. But somewhere along the line, I lost my momentum. But I have two announcements today:

1. Dark Knight rocks.
2. American Idol concert tonight. Woo!

That is all.

idol chatter

There were so many awesome things tonight about American Idol (I’ll selectively forget the cheesy things, okay?) that I had to write a few of them down.

  • The SYTYCD dancers. It was almost as fun as seeing the top 12 idols on stage again. How excited are we about the new season? (Answer: A substantial amount.)
  • Michael Johns and Carly Smithson’s duet. I just wish he had been wearing a cravat.
  • Getting to see and hear David Hernandez and Amanda Overmyer. I can’t imagine that big group numbers are Amanda’s thing, but I wish she were going to be on the tour anyway.
  • “You are my brother.” Cheesy, but good. Marching band style.
  • The dual Guitar Hero commercials, which made me do a double-take. The first time, because it took me a minute to realize Hey! That’s David Cook! The second time, because I expected DC again.
  • The fact that both Davids are extraordinarily talented, and I would have been cool with either of them winning. Sure, DC was my favorite, but I really thought DA was going to win.
  • The Cook family. I’ve been thinking for a week that Andrew reminds me of someone. Now I know: Dwight Schrute’s cousin Moze. (David as Dwight, I guess.) Seriously, the Cooks seem pretty cool.
  • ZZ Top. On American Idol.

On the other hand, The Love Guru? Cringe-inducing. And Paula’s cleavage? Scary.

That’s all. I’m psyched for the tour. I’m such a nerd.

a note about american idol season 7

During our Mother’s Day visit to my parents’ house, the topic of conversation naturally turned to American Idol. Why? Because they know we’re watching, and we’ll be buying tickets to the tour. (So right! I already bought the tickets during the pre-sale! Secret word: POPTARTS.)

“Who’s your favorite?” asked my dad.

“We’ve been David Cook fans pretty much all along,” I said, adding charitably, “although I think all the top 3 are very talented.” I figured they probably really, really liked cute little David Archuleta.

“Oh, David Cook is definitely the best,” Dad answered. “He’s a rock star.”

This, coming from my 80-year-old father, made me smile. Talent is talent.

quote of the day

“Paint that door and that knob and go for it.” – Paula Abdul

I am so totally going to start using that.

reaction to latest episode of heroes


But … I have to admit it was still a pretty great episode.

Now I’ll be able to go to choir practice on Monday nights. I promised I’d be in chime choir during the holidays. I’m also going to dust off my clarinet, believe it or not.

dancing heaven

All four of us have been dead tired today, but the SYTYCD show was well worth the extra fatigue. First of all, dinner at Mader’s was most excellent (and not overly filling, because SpiritMan and I split an entree). We all chose filet mignon, and we shared a crab cake appetizer and two desserts (cherry strudel and a rich chocolate fudgy cake thingy). Our show tickets were outstanding. Moon took some terrific photos, and the dancing was every bit as good as I expected it to be.

The only down side was that a weekday concert meant we had to hightail it out of Milwaukee without trying to find the tour bus. We just didn’t have the extra hour or so to spare waiting around. As it was, we didn’t get home until 12:30 a.m. Moon still had her contacts in, Turbo wanted to sleep, and they were both borderline crabby.

Moon and I succumbed to the tour swag, though. I have to say, the merchandise was wayyy improved over last year’s. Especially the cute silhouette t-shirts of each of the top four. I bought Moon the Neil shirt and photos of both Neil and Danny, and we also picked up a show program. I’m hoping to post photos if she cooperates.

Next year, I hope they schedule Milwaukee for a weekend date.

another one of our nerdy pursuits

We’re all excited because we have tickets for the So You Think You Can Dance tour stop at the Bradley Center in Milwaukee tomorrow evening. I’m taking Moon out of school early so we’ll have time for dinner at Mader’s beforehand.

What could be cooler?

you know i love the heroes

Coolest Flickr group ever. Now I’m going to want to do my own self-portrait, I just know it. Hmm, what’s my superpower?

twp withdrawal

Ugh, Television Without Pity has been acting up all day, and I’m going through withdrawal because I can’t see what they wrote about last night’s American Idol.

So here are my way-important thoughts on the subject.

KiKi: Great voice, but needs to mix things up a bit or she’s going to get boring.

Chris S.: I loved him during auditions, but I’m not as impressed with how he’s done since Hollywood. And he seems kind of insincere. Plus, he shouldn’t let his stylists put so much fro-taming goop in his hair. Next he’ll be using Jeri-Curl.

Haley: Blech. I had hoped she’d be gone by now.

Gina: Wow, her performance was spectacular. She’s sort of a hometown girl (by way of Naperville, a few hours from here) so I’ve been rooting for her all along. She cried a lot when Leslie Hunt left, which made me like her even more.

Sanjaya: What can I say? He entertains me. I don’t think he expected to still be in the competition at this point, and has decided to throw caution to the wind. The competition won’t be quite as interesting when he’s gone. I’m glad he made it to the top 10. (Because you know I’ll be seeing the concert.)

Phil: Has improved quite a bit, in my opinion. I liked last night’s hat a lot better than some of his previous styling choices, too.

Jordin: I really, really like her. Hope she’ll be sticking around for a while.

Blake: Is kind of my favorite to win the whole thing. The judges haven’t praised him enough — he’s been good every week.

Melinda: The best voice in the competition, but I’m having a hard time picturing what her CD sales will be like. I do think she’s awesome and would love to hang out with her and her Gayles.

Chris R.: He’s cute, and sings pretty well. Sometimes his nasally ways annoy me, though. He reminds me of BIL #2, so I can’t help but like him.

I know. I’m not snarky enough.

Did you see the “Sanjaya”‘ sighting on SNL? Here you go.

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