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a funny movie

So yesterday, to celebrate Moon’s acceptance to the college of her choice, we decided to have dinner at our favorite Indian restaurant. (I know! In the middle of the week!) We told the owner—well, I’ve always assumed he’s the owner—it was a celebration, and he was very kind and congratulatory. The kids think he’s awesome. He calls Peter “boss,” which amuses him greatly.

Anyway, as we were leaving, Peter commented that he liked the Bollywood music playing in the background. Apparently it was from the soundtrack to a popular movie. Our friend wrote the title down and told us to go to a nearby Indian market, where we could check out the movie. No charge. “If you are charged, you have them call me,” he said.

I stopped at the market while I was on another errand this evening. The movie was not in stock, but the owner signed me up for a free membership and said he would call me when he had it again. He also offered me any other movie for free, but of course I had no idea what to choose. I asked him to pick out something good for me. “You like love stories? Funny movies?” he asked.

I went with comedy. He assured me he was giving me a hilarious movie, and I can’t wait to find out. I’m wondering how funny will translate.

(P.S. Dreary, foggy day outside. Normal funk, which is a delightful change from the full-on crazy funk. Which means I’m still doing well.)