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like an episode of ‘house,’ without the life-threatening part

Latest update: My dad was supposed to go home from the hospital yesterday, but he developed a fever and had to stay another day. They didn’t find anything seriously wrong with his heart or arteries. My mom remembered a friend of hers had chest pain before having gallbladder surgery. So she asked the doctor if he thought my dad’s gallbladder should be tested.

That’s what’s going on today. I also had my hair cut. I’m trying to decide if it’s short enough. (I do like it, though.)

Also, I’m all about the zombies today: read this and imagine seeing that during your morning commute. Also, check out this soon-to-be-released book. Awesome.

my turn!

Moon finished Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince this morning, so now I get to read it. I’m on page 384. She’s anxious for me to get done so we can talk about it in detail. Kind of like our own little book group.

Today, on the hottest day (so far) of the year, at the hottest time of day, the power for our entire neighborhood went out. Peter asked if we had remembered to pay the electrical bill. I, like many of the neighbors, went outside to see if anyone else was having trouble.

Fortunately we were headed out to the in-laws’, so we sat in air-conditioned driving comfort instead of a hot and muggy house. The power was out for about two hours. We converged upon the house to celebrate the July birthdays, of which mine is one. I was given a spectacular present — you’ll have to wait until tomorrow to hear about it, but I promise you, it rocks!

happy mail

A package from England!To the relief of everyone in the house, the new Harry Potter book came in today’s mail delivery. (My shipping confirmation email had indicated an arrival date of July 19, so Moon was a bit worried.) But there was something else in the mailbox as well: a package for me, me, me!

Several weeks ago, I received a mysterious postcard from someone in England. I suspected a RAOK (random act of kindness) on the part of a Knitty forum member. Today’s package was the follow-up. How fun!

Inside the packageInside was an assortment of Wallace and Gromit characters. (Did you know we own the boxed video set? We do.) Also note the ball of DK wool, which looks perfect for a dying experiment. I also found a silver gel pen in the package after I took this photo. You know, it’s such a rush to get real mail.

In other news, Moon is probably going to finish the Harry Potter book tomorrow, if not tonight. She keeps making little noises and expressions, lamenting that she can’t talk about what she’s reading. I’ll be grabbing the book as soon as she finishes, so she won’t have to be silent for long. Peter picked up Moon’s copy of Order of the Phoenix and is busy reading, too. It’s odd to have such a quiet house on Saturday night.

ShaunHere’s another look at one of my favorite knitting icons. Cute, cute, cute.