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special day

88888No, not just because the car turned 88888 and I’m a big enough nerd to capture it on camera. The big day was our 22nd wedding anniversary. Pete and I celebrated by going to the Farmer’s Market (where we bought a hanging flower basket, two tomato plants and a jar of raw honey) and then out for lunch at Maharaja on Odana. We ate way too much, and I fell asleep in the afternoon after we planted our tomatoes.

It was a lovely day. Our wedding day was rainy, but nearly every anniversary has been filled with sunshine. (Like my days with Pete, awww.)

ALF’s birthday was yesterday, too. Which means mine is coming up, and I’m going to be closer to 50 than to 40. Huh.

I didn’t take many pictures at the market, but they’re here.

gone dancing

Class was really fun, but somehow we messed up the starting time and arrived a half hour late. The other couples had already been working on some steps – we had to try and catch up. I noticed most of them were wearing gym shoes. SpiritMan and I had driven all over last night trying to find appropriate shoes, and we finally succeeded at Rogan’s, 10 minutes before closing. Coincidentally, the manager was a former ballroom instructor and knew all about proper footwear. He was pretty awesome. I was just glad to find some workable shoes that didn’t have 4-inch heels.

So, we were late to class, and I was surprised to see one of my co-workers there with his wife. Do you ever have those moments when you see someone out of context? I said I was there to tell him one of the servers was down at work, because I’m endlessly hilarious. He knew I was kidding, but he looked a little concerned for a second.

more about that four-day weekend

Must admit, I don’t do much memorializing on Memorial Day. All the veterans I know are alive and well. Mostly, I lounge around and hope for good weather.

So. The Saturday Farmer’s Market is quickly becoming a habit. The market is more than just food. This time Pete and I took time away from the pastries to visit the guy in the Green Party booth. I was so impressed with their literature that our car now sports one of their bumper stickers. (A Prius with a Green Party sticker? Yeah, what a surprise.)

On Sunday, Pete had to work at the Brat Fest (his employer was a sponsor), so I took the kids to see Revenge of the Sith. Six thumbs up. It made us want to see the original three movies, which to me is exactly what it was supposed to do. I was horrified when I went to our DVD collection to pull out the trilogy and realized we didn’t own it. Now we do. The bonus disk was especially amusing because we got to see what everyone looks like 25 years later. Moon practially jumped when Mark Hamil appeared on screen. “Ahhh, what happened?! He was so pretty!”

Two interesting things happened on Monday. (1) Pete and I went to the UW Arboretum for the first time ever. (2) We then went to Target for a printer cartridge, where we ran into a guy from my high school graduating class. Actually, I’ve known him a lot longer than that — I think we started going to school together when we were nine.

The bizarre thing is that I almost didn’t recognize him. He waved toward us, and my first thought was that he must be a co-worker of Pete’s or something. When he stopped and talked to us, his voice and mannerisms were the same as always, but I kept looking at his face and thinking that he looks like any other dad I would see at a school concert or something. Like a middle-aged man.

It’s times like this that I think, My gawd, I must be getting old. Freeeee-ky.

managing a smile now

Some things that helped…

  1. Jodi’s niece and nephew’s election night cuteness.
  2. Thirteen ways of reacting to an election.
  3. What Pete wrote…

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emergency room

Pete told me yesterday that he was worried about some on-and-off pain he’d been having in his chest and back. It had even interfered with his sleep. So yesterday was pretty low key. He still got up and ran, but the house was quiet because Moon was at a friend’s house and I took Peter shopping with me. (Looking for kickboxing shoes, unsuccessfully. He must have been pretty bored to agree to go on such a mission. We ended up at Cold Stone Creamery, though, so the trip was worth his while.)

Anyway, this morning Pete was wincing in pain. He had been up several times during the night. I heard him on the phone to his doctor’s office. After a long conversation with the nurse on call, he asked me to take him to the emergency room. Have I mentioned lately that it’s nice having kids who are old enough to stay home alone? It’s awesome.

He checked in, and they gave him a gown and one of those snap-on bracelets. I stayed in the waiting room while they ran a CAT scan and other fun stuff. Two hours and many shifts of position in the uncomfortable chairs later, I asked if I could see him. Shortly after I went in, they let us leave.

His scan looked clear, so it’s unlikely that he has kidney stones (which was the #1 scenario). Just in case, they gave him a little strainer to use when he pees, and a plastic jar for collecting rocks. Yay! They think he might have a musculoskeletal injury that was aggravated by his running. Considering that we moved our treadmill upstairs a week ago, that very well could be the problem.

He’s going to be walking for a few days. I suggested we go use the whirlpool at the gym. And I need some coffee.

media free day

In honor of Pete, our family declared a “Media Free” Father’s Day. No TV, video games, DVDs or computer. Nothing to distract from quiet, old fashioned family fun. (Notice I didn’t post anything yesterday. Didn’t read my e-mail, either.)

It wasn’t that difficult, since we spent a good portion of the day visiting our respective dads. First we drove to the in-laws’. We ordered pizza, although dad-in-law is on Atkins and doesn’t touch the stuff. He had a bratwurst in a low-carb tortilla instead.

It was a gorgeous day, so the kids and Pete threw the football around, and I ran with Foxxi. Dad-in-law, who did not declare a Media Free Day, watched golf on TV.

Later we went to my parents’ house. My brother Bob and his wife were there – it was the first time we’ve seen each other since Christmas. (My nose ring was a surprise for them, I think.) We all sat on the deck, ate casserole and chatted.

During the drive home, Peter and Moon wistfully talked about movies they want us to rent. Later Peter muttered, “I hate Media Free Day.” I ignored the comment and started reading Little Children. (Which I couldn’t put down, and ended up finishing at 1:30 a.m.)