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emergency room

Pete told me yesterday that he was worried about some on-and-off pain he’d been having in his chest and back. It had even interfered with his sleep. So yesterday was pretty low key. He still got up and ran, but the house was quiet because Moon was at a friend’s house and I took Peter shopping with me. (Looking for kickboxing shoes, unsuccessfully. He must have been pretty bored to agree to go on such a mission. We ended up at Cold Stone Creamery, though, so the trip was worth his while.)

Anyway, this morning Pete was wincing in pain. He had been up several times during the night. I heard him on the phone to his doctor’s office. After a long conversation with the nurse on call, he asked me to take him to the emergency room. Have I mentioned lately that it’s nice having kids who are old enough to stay home alone? It’s awesome.

He checked in, and they gave him a gown and one of those snap-on bracelets. I stayed in the waiting room while they ran a CAT scan and other fun stuff. Two hours and many shifts of position in the uncomfortable chairs later, I asked if I could see him. Shortly after I went in, they let us leave.

His scan looked clear, so it’s unlikely that he has kidney stones (which was the #1 scenario). Just in case, they gave him a little strainer to use when he pees, and a plastic jar for collecting rocks. Yay! They think he might have a musculoskeletal injury that was aggravated by his running. Considering that we moved our treadmill upstairs a week ago, that very well could be the problem.

He’s going to be walking for a few days. I suggested we go use the whirlpool at the gym. And I need some coffee.