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media free day

In honor of Pete, our family declared a “Media Free” Father’s Day. No TV, video games, DVDs or computer. Nothing to distract from quiet, old fashioned family fun. (Notice I didn’t post anything yesterday. Didn’t read my e-mail, either.)

It wasn’t that difficult, since we spent a good portion of the day visiting our respective dads. First we drove to the in-laws’. We ordered pizza, although dad-in-law is on Atkins and doesn’t touch the stuff. He had a bratwurst in a low-carb tortilla instead.

It was a gorgeous day, so the kids and Pete threw the football around, and I ran with Foxxi. Dad-in-law, who did not declare a Media Free Day, watched golf on TV.

Later we went to my parents’ house. My brother Bob and his wife were there – it was the first time we’ve seen each other since Christmas. (My nose ring was a surprise for them, I think.) We all sat on the deck, ate casserole and chatted.

During the drive home, Peter and Moon wistfully talked about movies they want us to rent. Later Peter muttered, “I hate Media Free Day.” I ignored the comment and started reading Little Children. (Which I couldn’t put down, and ended up finishing at 1:30 a.m.)

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