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much better, thanks

Wednesday was painful, but Thursday was better. Today I’m walking pretty normally. Our chiropractor must be a miracle worker. Maybe I’ll be able to sign up at the Y this weekend. (I won’t be doing any running, though.)

In other news, it’s kirtan night. And there was an appalling lack of communication between my kids after school today. Missed calls, unheard messages, and so on. I’m glad I had to store Peter’s friends’ phone numbers in my cell phone last year, because they have already come in handy. What good is it if my kids have cell phones, but keep the ringer on “silent”—or don’t bother to turn them on in the first place?

I’m happy it’s the weekend.

not so hip

I felt a little soreness in my left hip last night, but chalked it up to sitting in one place for too long. This morning, though, it was full-blown pain. The kind where it hurts to put any weight on my left leg, so I hobble around pitiably as if I’m 50 years older than I really am.

I went directly to the chiropractor, but that only did so much. I’m pretty immobilized. Now I have an idea what my dog goes through. (Here’s hoping she doesn’t have all this pain, though.)

It’s not as if I’ve done any triathlons lately, so I have no idea what caused all this. Sadly, it hurts even to lie down. I am the opposite of entertaining today.

things that happened this week

  1. Pete and I cleaned the garage and found some stuff that hadn’t been touched for over 10 years. Nasty!
  2. Two days later, Pete woke up dizzy and upchuck-y. It was so bad that I took him to the doctor and he had an anti-nausea shot and some IV fluids. Diagnosed as vertigo. It’s been much better since then.
  3. The kids registered at high school. I have two high schoolers now. It’s still sinking in. Does this mean I’m old?
  4. Peter decided to check out stage crew after hearing about the first meeting from Moon. He went to the meeting on Saturday (really not a meeting, but a work session — physical labor for these kids!). He had a great time, so it looks like he’s found a school activity already.
  5. We’ve watched loads and loads of Olympics, and I’ve worked on my Ravelympics project whenever possible. But it won’t be done tonight. I’m like a hurdler who tripped up but will still finish. Or like a marathoner who is still working on the race after everyone else has gone home. Oh well, I’ll have an awesome pair of socks when it’s all done.
  6. I ordered this and sold a few of my other bags.
  7. We finally finished cleaning up the basement, although the computer work area is still pretty piled up with papers and stuff. Not my problem, though!
  8. Our vacuum cleaner shut down in protest, so we bought a canister vac to replace it. Not a Dyson, but it was $400 cheaper so I’m not complaining. Plus, I only do about 25% of the vacuuming around here, if that.
  9. ALF’s daughter is at college now, and that seems very surreal to me although we’re only a year away from the same thing.

too cute to drink


Originally uploaded by katnhwi

I saw this on Flickr and had to show you. What a skilled barista!

from my palm

I’m not even sure this will work, but I’m checking email on my Palm TX and thought I’d try to post. Right now I’m in a hotel lobby in beautiful downtown Minneapolis. We’re going to the UM tomorrow for a full-day program about the College of Liberal Arts. Moon already knows she wants to go there, but this is a chance for Pete and Peter to see what the fuss is about.

Peter is a tiny bit fussy because we’ve been walking today (Mall of America — touristy!) and we had a pretty huge dinner. He fell asleep when we were watching So You Think You Can Dance.

SYTYCD was especially outstanding tonight. Moon and I are so glad that Mark had a chance to shine again after being saddled with less-than-stellar partners the past few weeks. Everyone was good, actually.

In other news, a four-hour car trip makes for impressive progress on the latest knitting project. Unless you’re driving, of course. Fortunately for our safety, I rode shotgun.

steak on the grill

Hey, the party last night ended up being a lot of fun… although I’m scratching several sizable new mosquito bites today. It was BYOGI (bring your own grill item) so I bought two sirloin steaks. They grilled up beautifully, and I ate ALL of mine. Oddly enough, it didn’t make me feel overly full because I didn’t have much else.

The guest of honor was completely surprised, and I snapped a picture right as she realized what was happening.

In other news, the American Idol concert is a week from Saturday. Yowza!

embarrassing to admit

…but we’re going to a surprise birthday party tonight, and I’d really rather just stay home and watch So You Think You Can Dance. I’m sure I’ll have fun once I’m there, and I can just watch the tape after I get home.

This is one of those times I wish we had TiVo, because our VCR doesn’t always give us the best quality. Also, the kids have to remember to press “record.”

mmm, bacon

Salon has an interesting article today about the prominence of bacon in pop culture. Just think, you can buy a bacon bra, wrap it in bacon paper, and festoon it with a squirt of bacon perfume. Sexy!

hot, humid and dizzy

So, I’ve been dizzy since Monday night. Not nauseated, just dizzy. I saw the chiropractor yesterday and I think it helped somewhat. Haven’t felt like doing much in the evenings except knit mitered squares and watch TV. (So You Think You Can Dance = awesome.)

I awakened to crashing thunder at 5 a.m. We’re supposed to have rain for the next four days, and it’s going to be in the 80s. It’s still June, right? What’s August going to be like? Pitta is not amused by this sort of weather.

mitered squares

I am down to the last five squares. Can you believe it? I’ve knit 75 of the things.

fat dinosty

My new hero. Let’s go buy some horizontally striped shirts!

cleaning day

We’re starting to move stuff around in preparation for painting. (Three weeks away and counting.) Moon wishes we could get started right away, but I told her she still has school and finals to get through. Kids here won’t be done until June 13.

It’s been a beautiful weekend, and I spent part of the day sitting outside with Foxxi while she rolled in the grass and found icky things to eat. The yard is much more pleasant since we borrowed our neighbors’ lawnmower and chopped down the weeds. No way would our reel mower have done the job. The loan was especially nice of them because the lawnmower is brand new—a corded electric mower. I really like it, and I’m hoping we get one of our own. (They probably are, too.)

so glad it’s the weekend

We’re going to do some yard work today. Maybe buy some perennials. I’ve been working on my mitered square blanket (started 2 years ago!) and I am almost 3/4 done with the squares.

Tomorrow we’re off to the in-laws’, but otherwise not much going on. Which rocks. Our paint samples arrived, and maybe we’ll experiment. That’s all.

pizza’s on its way

I’m so glad to be home. Somehow I made it through the day despite some random dizziness, and now I can stay put in my favorite chair. Moon stayed home from school. We’re very glad it’s the weekend. Pete is finishing up some work and will be walking home soon.

Moon’s school is in the state boys’ basketball semi-finals (and favored to win the whole thing), and the game is on TV. Sweet! It’s shaping up to be a decent Friday night, although I wish the room would stop spinning around.

less delirious today

I’ve been through chills, fever (103 degrees!), body aches, nasal crap and coughing. The fever and chills seem to have subsided, but I still look like a big plate of death warmed over, and I wouldn’t wish this particular virus on anyone. So far I’ve avoided cabin fever because I’ve been sleeping or nearly sleeping around the clock. Plus, too weak to do anything when awake.

My son was kind enough to hold an ice cube to my forehead while I was swaddled in blankets Monday night. Weird combination of body chills and head-on-fire. Really, the kids have been good to me. When I was all feverish, I felt the need to tell them I loved them, over and over, in case I was dying or something. (I guess.)

Anyway, I feel like I’m turning a corner, which would be great because I’d love to get out of the house and actually do something. I miss work. And I have candy for the candy dish — it’s been in the back seat of the car since Sunday.

Becky Oh! bagNow for another IndieFixx photo. I was especially happy to see this in my prize package, as I am quite addicted to bags. This one is by Becky OH! who makes fabulous handmade bags small and large. It’s perfect for just a few little items (i.e. what I usually carry besides my current knitting project).

Wonderful stuff. Time for a nap.

crappity crappity crap

That’s what I feel like right now. And all day until now, too. Peter was sick on Friday, and I realized he wasn’t just messing around when he ended up sleeping most of the day. Same thing Saturday.

Yesterday, I took the kids to see “Enchanted” (I know! but we all loved it). My throat started feeling a little scratchy during the movie, which I chalked up to being out in the damp. By bedtime I was ready to crash, and my voice was almost gone. I woke up several times during the night with a start — and a severe need to either (1) wheeze or (2) pee.

I was worse by morning. After hauling myself out of bed to drive Peter (restored to full health) to school in my PJs, I crashed until around 1 p.m. I made myself stay upright until 3, but that was about all my body could take. Back to bed… until the chills came. Time to take a hot, hot shower. Which was apparently so much exertion that I immediately collapsed in a chair, wet hair, multiple blankets and all.

At least I’m clean. Now Pete and Moon are at chime choir practice, and Peter is at a friend’s house. He’s kind of on my list right now because he didn’t call me to let me know where he was (I had to track him down)… and his progress report arrived in the mail. Moon is righteously indignant about it because she’s been attempting to mentor him. I think I’ve said the kid has a lazy streak. What I should say is that he has an industrious streak, with a default of laziness.

Okay, that’s my rant. I’m in the rocking chair huddled up with blankets, and my laptop is on my actual lap. Can you tell I’ve been alone almost all day? I’m going a little buggy. This is how cruddy I feel: I have not knit a single stitch today. I might try in a little bit, but I’m just as likely to huddle in a pathetic heap.

(P.S. I’m also getting my period.)

just lazy and busy

I haven’t given up on x365, I’ve just been doing all sorts of things away from the computer. What happened to January being a boring, inactive month? Somehow I’ve still managed to knit most of my Juliet sweater, and I’m most of the way done with one black sock for Pete. The house is a mess and very un-feng shui. I don’t think I’ll be doing anything about it this weekend, though.

Moon and I have talked about painting the inside of the house this summer. I’m comforting myself with that thought when I feel myself starting to freak out about the disarray. It’ll improve. I’m just hibernating for now.

happy new year!

Moon and Brooke went to a movie this afternoon, so I gave them $20 and said they should stop at the grocery store afterwards and pick up whatever munchies caught their fancy. (Brooke’s parents were planning on having us over, until her dad came down with a cold and her mom was scheduled to work in the morning. We moved the celebration to our house instead.)

Right now our kitchen is a festive array of flavored snacks, s’mores ingredients and other processed sugary items. We played Cranium and Apples to Apples, Brooke called her boyfriend in Pennsylvania, and we watched the ball drop on Fox. I’m pretty tired. It’s been a good day. It’s been a pretty good year, too.

Cheers, and sleep tight.

busy saturday

I had the pleasure of a girls’ day with my singing buddies – we met at a gorgeous house on the lake. The owners are on vacation and invited S. and her husband to spend some time there. It’s the most harmonious, peaceful living environment I’ve ever seen. Everything in the home is placed with intention, and there’s beauty and simplicity everywhere you look.

We laughed, talked and listened to music. Very fun.

Then tonight, Pete and I enjoyed hearing Arturo Sandoval at the Overture Center. Wow. I love Latin music, and Arturo is quite the engaging entertainer. Multi-talented, too. I don’t think my mambo skills could keep up with the beat, though. (Do I even remember any of the steps I learned this fall?)

Moon is fighting a cold and has been quite upfront about her misery. She’s still going to stage crew, but she’s very stuffed up and not sleeping well. We got Indian takeout for dinner so she could benefit from the spices. She said she was able to taste the food, so that’s a good thing.

45×365 #57: Nelly

I never saw her without her makeup done, well-dressed with her hair elegantly arrayed. She outlived her own daughter, but at 98 was our honorary family matriarch. She lived independently and gracefully, and died the same way — quietly, in her sleep, in her own bed.

[I am participating in x365.]


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