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busy saturday

I had the pleasure of a girls’ day with my singing buddies – we met at a gorgeous house on the lake. The owners are on vacation and invited S. and her husband to spend some time there. It’s the most harmonious, peaceful living environment I’ve ever seen. Everything in the home is placed with intention, and there’s beauty and simplicity everywhere you look.

We laughed, talked and listened to music. Very fun.

Then tonight, Pete and I enjoyed hearing Arturo Sandoval at the Overture Center. Wow. I love Latin music, and Arturo is quite the engaging entertainer. Multi-talented, too. I don’t think my mambo skills could keep up with the beat, though. (Do I even remember any of the steps I learned this fall?)

Moon is fighting a cold and has been quite upfront about her misery. She’s still going to stage crew, but she’s very stuffed up and not sleeping well. We got Indian takeout for dinner so she could benefit from the spices. She said she was able to taste the food, so that’s a good thing.