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from my palm

I’m not even sure this will work, but I’m checking email on my Palm TX and thought I’d try to post. Right now I’m in a hotel lobby in beautiful downtown Minneapolis. We’re going to the UM tomorrow for a full-day program about the College of Liberal Arts. Moon already knows she wants to go there, but this is a chance for Pete and Peter to see what the fuss is about.

Peter is a tiny bit fussy because we’ve been walking today (Mall of America — touristy!) and we had a pretty huge dinner. He fell asleep when we were watching So You Think You Can Dance.

SYTYCD was especially outstanding tonight. Moon and I are so glad that Mark had a chance to shine again after being saddled with less-than-stellar partners the past few weeks. Everyone was good, actually.

In other news, a four-hour car trip makes for impressive progress on the latest knitting project. Unless you’re driving, of course. Fortunately for our safety, I rode shotgun.