inicio mail me! sindicaci;ón

socks, socks, socks!

For my sock palThe socks I made for my pal are long gone (mailed Aug. 2) – but here they are.

My own socks arrived from Lucia yesterday. So fun to get a package in the mail! She had put some extra goodies in the toes of the socks.

From my sock palShe worked on them on vacation in Maine, which is why she selected the postcard (as she doesn’t live in Maine). The crystal heart is really pretty, and a favorite shade of green/blue. Of course, you need a close-up of the socks in action.

Coolest toes everCan I just say how much I like these? Not only are they an original design, but they feature awesome ripples that create a really neat effect around the toes. I’m in awe. A perfect fit, and it looks like she used smaller needles than I usually do for socks. (To me, that’s a sign of great skill.)

This was my first Sockapalooza, and it was a lot of fun. I just hope my sock recipient likes the socks I made as much as I like the socks I received.