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where i left off

So, the Mugglecast event? Absolutely worth the 5 1/2 hour round trip. For one thing, Moon’s favorite wizard rock band, the Remus Lupins performed. And this picture says it all:

Moon and the singerYes, that is one happy 16-year-old. I got to be the coolest mom in the world for a day. As we were leaving Borders, a few girls even said to me, “Bye, awesome mom!” Because not everyone will miss a day at the spa to drive a few hundred miles for a Harry Potter event.

In other news, I mailed two pairs of socks last week. One to my Sockapalooza 4 pal, and one to Terry in Quebec. I’m working on another pair of Monkey socks because I like the pattern so much, and I’ve finally started a black Chickami for my mom.

Speaking of which, this is the week that my parents and kids are together at my brother’s house in Seattle. Pete and I have the house to ourselves, which is an odd experience indeed. Kind of a preview for when the nest is empty. It sounds like the Seattle crew is having a good time, and I’m fully expecting the kids will complain loudly about having to come home, where it’s 85 degrees instead of 65, and we eat the same boring stuff all the time. (My sister-in-law is doing things like setting up a tailgating lunch in their driveway, which is way too fun.) Today they went to the Space Needle and Pike Market. Am I envious? Maybe a little.

(Someday I want to make a pilgrimage to the first Starbucks, I admit it.)