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popping in

Yes, I’ve been a bad bad blogger. The thing is, I spend so much time in front of a computer for my job that sometimes my creativity begs to be channeled into other things. (See: knitting.) After finishing my sockapalooza socks, I started another pair, made a too-big Latoya sweater, an awesome Wheelie steering wheel cover (haven’t uploaded my own pictures yet) and continue to make mitered squares.

Plus, I’m eyeing the Harry Potter knits (after getting Charmed Knits for my birthday on July 1) and of course I’ve seen the new movie. We all went on the day it came out — Sis #3’s birthday. My verdict? Best movie yet. Loved it.

In other news, Moon and I celebrated our week-apart birthdays with her best friend Brooke’s family by dining at Sabor, which was a delicious experience and very non-vegetarian. I know I’ve mentioned this before, but Brooke and Moon were born two days apart, and live two houses away from one another. Brooke has been to Brazil, and her dad took Portuguese in college. His professor is a close family friend of theirs and joined us for dinner — it was fun hearing her Brazil stories and listening to her interact with the wait staff.

More later, and I don’t mean a month later, okay?