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awesome and not-awesome


  • My Mother’s Day presents. I had my pedicure this morning (my first ever! and the lady said my feet weren’t all that repulsive or anything!) and I used my gift certificate from Lakeside Fibers last week.
  • Ravelry, the site I never knew I was always dreaming of until it was invented. I can keep track of my projects, my yarn stash, needles, and so much more. Very satisfying to the OCD (which is under control, thankyouverymuch). You can see my projects here.
  • Seeing friends during my last week at home. Lunch today, a road trip tomorrow.
  • The Monkey socks pattern at Knitty. (No, they don’t have monkeys on them, nor are they sock monkeys.) I’m making a practice pair, because I’m thinking of making them for Sockapalooza 4.

Not Awesome:

  • Pete has been suffering from neck/back/shoulder pain for about two weeks. He’s been to the chiropractor and urgent care, and he’s scheduled for physical therapy in another two weeks. (Such a long wait!) It appears to be something called Double Crush Syndrome, which is related to carpel tunnel. We all feel a little helpless as we watch him tough it out. But every now and then we are able to get him to laugh.

Oh, one more awesome: Starting my new job in five days.