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stepping out

Changes! I’m starting a new job May 29. And I can’t wait. Just 11 months ago, I was eager to try out self-employment … working at home, making my own hours, wearing pajamas until noon, all that stuff. What I discovered is that while flexibility can be great, being a free agent wasn’t as fulfilling as I had expected. Even with the internet to keep me connected, I missed “face time.” My creativity, believe it or not, suffered. I also felt like I needed to be more of a homemaker than I did when I was working away from the house.

I thought I’d have time to visit friends, hang out at coffeeshops and other such lollygagging — but it never happened. (Hi, ALF! I’m finally going to see you next week!)

What I realized about a month ago is that working from home wasn’t my dream after all. I wanted it because it seemed like I should want it.

Fortunately, the perfect job came along — and I was lucky enough to be hired. I don’t blog about work stuff generally, so just trust me that I’m a happy camper.

I don’t regret the past year. If I hadn’t given it a try, I’d always wonder if I should have. I’m also happy I was able to spend so much time with my kids — they kept me company last summer during my transition to the home office, and it was great picking them up from school and being able to hear about their day while it was still fresh. They’re being very cool about my new job. Peter is already scheming to have us pay him to make dinner for us during the week. (I’ll go for it if he cleans up, too.)

So, yay!