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heart month

Yes, February is heart month. And coincidentally, Terry and her rom each ‘celebrated’ by having their own scary trips to the ER. (Get well soon! Haven’t forgotten about those socks!)

Today my FIL had a scare, too. Although they live an hour away, MIL drove him to the hospital here in Madison. I don’t like to think about that trip, even though everything turned out fine. We’re actually just about to head over there to say hello and bring MIL to our house for the night. (FIL is staying for a look-see. They haven’t confirmed yet that it was a heart attack, although it sure sounds like it was.)

It’s all very surreal. My dad, who’s about 15 years older than my FIL, had his first heart attack more than 20 years ago. At the time, angioplasty was a pretty new procedure, and he had two of them in liu of a bypass. He even had his picture in the newspaper. I remember being so scared, and not really thinking about how young he was. I guess late 50s seemed older to me then than it does now. Anyway, he had a second heart attack maybe 10 years later. A mild one, as I recall. He’s been doing pretty well since then. Next month he’ll be 79 years old. (Give me another 25 years, and I bet 79 will sound kinda young.)

Appreciate your tickers, guys. They’re important.