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ringing in the new year

We welcomed the new year in a different way — at someone else’s house. But we still didn’t have to venture far. Moon’s friend Brooke talked her mom into inviting our whole family over. They live two houses away, so we carried our games and white chocolate dipped pretzels. No driving for us! We all made it to midnight without falling asleep (I’d cleaned myself up enough to pass for ‘recovering from cold’ as opposed to ‘scary and infectious-looking.’)

Peter was the clear winner in Ticket to Ride, which didn’t surprise me because he’s had quite the winning streak since we pulled that game out last week. I’m hoping this means he’ll be excelling in social studies this quarter.

We took the tree down and put away the ornaments this morning. Rearranged the sofas and washed the blankets to make room for my glorious new quilt rack. I’m rather enjoying having moved my knitting chair two feet to the right. It’s at a jaunty new angle, and I can still see the TV.

Which reminds me. NBC should not promote a “marathon” of past Heroes episodes if they’re only planning on showing the three middle shows. (I watched anyway, because when it comes to Heroes I can’t help myself.)

I’m still thinking about resolutions, because I kind of forgot to do it earlier. But I did ask everyone last night to name the most significant thing that they did in 2006. I had more than one thing:

  • I changed my name.
  • I quit my job.
  • I started doing other work, and formed a new business.
  • I became a certified feng shui practitioner.
  • I started being an omnivore again.

I wonder how I’ll top all that in 2007?

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