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my wacky diet

I’ve been busy the past week adjusting to some major dietary changes. And by “major,” I mean we’re eating meat again, and have eliminated wheat, sugar and most dairy from our diets. By “we,” I mean Pete and myself, although Moon is pretty close to the wheat/sugar/dairy thing.

I can’t tell you how huge this is for us. The whole reason I became a vegetarian in the first place was because of, you know, animal rights. At some point, meat became completely repulsive to me. I tried veganism for a while but couldn’t stick to it. Health? That wasn’t really an issue for me, since I was already quite healthy when I made the switch. In fact, when asked, I truthfully told people that I wouldn’t be vegetarian if it was strictly about losing weight or being more healthy.

I hope my veggie friends will still love me, but my views have changed. I care a great deal about how animals are treated, so I’m buying free-range/family-farm/naturally-raised/antibiotic-free meat. It’s really surreal cooking meat again after more than a decade without it. But I have to admit, I feel good.

I’m getting guidance through this, by the way. I met with a naturopath who is working with the Blood Type Diet. Pete, the kids and I are all the same type, which is helpful. Type O. I’ve been very skeptical about the BTD since reading about it several years ago (it said I needed to eat meat! no way!) — but I’m at the point where I need to see for myself if it has any merit. The naturopath has given me some extra guidance (flower essences, a tea recipe, etc.) and so far, so good.

Another huge thing is that I had my last coffee on Sunday. Coffee is as big (or bigger) an obstacle than meat for me. I love, love, love the coffee. But I’m hanging in there.