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good news, bad news

Of course, the good news is that Rummy is down and so is the chokehold the Republican party has had on our guv’ment. I was able to safely vote Green without it risking the wrong people getting elected.

But the people of Wisconsin have spoken, and apparently they’d like to have the death penalty back in our state, and they want to write discrimination into our constitution. Ugh. It’s especially sad because there’s already a law defining marriage. The new amendment would go further, and rule any marriage-equivalents (i.e. civil unions) invalid.

My opinion? The state should only be doing civil unions in the first place, whether for hetero or same-sex couples. They shouldn’t call the piece of paper a marriage license — it would be a writ of civil union. Marriage would have no legal status, and be considered as a ceremony similar to baptism or a Bar Mitzvah. That way, churches could marry whomever they want and stick to their religious principles without getting in the way of anyone’s rights.

But besides all that, “gay marriage” is inevitable. There is simply too much attention given to the concept (even though it’s fear-based and negative) for it not to be manifested someday. So there.

And that’s all I’ll say about the election. Now, back to our regularly scheduled knitting and parenting content.

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