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a little better

Writing about it helped. So did watching SNL (My Chemical Romance was on!) and having a good cry after everyone went to bed. Moon was at her friend’s house overnight, so I had a convenient place to go where I wouldn’t wake anyone up.

Besides the stress of the past few weeks, one other issue I’m finding I need to deal with is the whole boundaries thing. When I was in an office, reprimands or explanations would take place privately, behind closed doors — and then I could leave it when I went home. At home, a situation can come up out of nowhere. It wasn’t private. My son and my husband were both right there, able to hear my end of the conversation. My laptop was set up in the kitchen, and I needed to refer to it. I needed to concentrate on my words, so my body was pretty frozen.

Pete and I had been getting ready to head out for some weekend errands, which we went ahead and did. But my mind was elsewhere the whole time.

So … the boundaries thing. I’m learning the ins and outs of working at home. Still measuring to see if this is right for me.

Today I’ve got some fun stuff to do, thank God.

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