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working at home

I know that Friday was my first day of self-employment, but it didn’t feel that different because I’ve had Fridays off for the past few years. Today, though, was the real thing.

I made a list of things to do, because part of me was afraid I’d run out of work. Ha! Ha! Happily, I still have plenty of items on that list, and yet I still managed to be more productive than I’ve been for months. It’s amazing, but when you’re wrapped up in an interesting task, three or four hours can pass instantaneously.

When Pete came home for lunch, I couldn’t believe it was time already — and it was 1 p.m.

Barista at home

Even my office toys have been adjusting. Barista and her trusty corgi have taken up residence with the Wallace & Gromit gang.

Madeline is staying with the mini Blythes and Licca, who live one level below the Blythe trio. They’ve been terribly neglected, but I’m finally able to give them a little attention again.

You know I’m feeling good. I’m playing with dolls.

Anyway, back to the work day. I made myself stop working at 4 p.m. so I could cook something new for dinner…a vegetarian stew from a Deepak Chopra cookbook, featuring sweet potatoes, onion, cauliflower, curry and coconut milk served over rice. During the cooking process, I wasn’t sure how it would all turn out, but it was quite good. I made consolation brownies for the kids since I was serving up unfamiliar stuff.

I’m sore (from weeding yesterday) and still a bit nervous, but oh so glad to be here.

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