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breathing again

Well, I’m already much better. I have also had a few reassuring talks with people who’ve been down the short-term steroid road. One of my neighbors told me that her energy level improved a lot the first day or two taking them. I can vouch for that.

Last night we all went to a Game Night at our church. It was awesome fun. And good for my busy busy mind.

This morning I took Moon to the area strings festival. Peter opted out, which was fine. Originally, we were planning to skip it completely and head up to the Dells for the day. We ended up deciding to just go for the afternoon — which meant the festival was an option again.

The Dells trip took place because Sisters #2-4 were there at a resort with their families. We hung out with them in the hotel room and went out to dinner. We also watched Nephew #2b so that the rest of the gang could go frolic in the waterpark without having to worry about a three-month old who wasn’t keen on going in the water.

It’s been a good weekend so far.

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