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many meds

Yesterday, after the 100th person came in to my office to comment on my hacking cough, I finally called my doctor. And got the nurse, who listened to my symptoms and wheezing, and said that the doctor would most likely recommend short-term steroid treatment. I’m not that sick, just coughing my guts out to the point where I can barely catch my breath. An infection is unlikely, yada yada. I already use an inhaler during the winter, for cold-induced asthma symptoms.

Of course, I immediately turned to my old friend the internet to read up on steroids. Appetite increase, check. Insomnia, check. Mood swings… uh, oh.

I freaked out, because I’ve been having enough mood swings on my own since discontinuing the OCD med. Not that I’d really acknowledged that fact, or let anyone else know that I was having any trouble. Basically my thought was: I don’t want it to get any worse. It was a big giant wake up call.

Long story short, I called my shrink doc and now I’m back on the OCD stuff along with the steroids. Today I’m 100% better than I was yesterday. I even had lunch with Carrie, and I sorely needed the girlfriend time. So it’s all good.

By the way, the steroids… it’s a 6-day course, starting with 6 pills the first day, 5 the second, etc. The little case they come in reminds me of birth control pills, for some reason. Huh.