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back to the office

Yippee, I’m able to work again. Woo hoo. I went in early today (7:30!) so I could help out with Monday morning new-class stuff, and I ended up just staying the rest of the day. Yes, until 6 p.m.

The main souvenir from last week’s illness is a deep and lingering cough. It’s one of those coughs that sometimes goes completely out of control, so that I end up wheezing and gasping for breath. This isn’t ideal for making phone calls or leaving voice mail. It was also pretty inconvenient during Easter Vigil — I went in and out of church so many times, the usher offered to make me a nice cup of tea and gave me a roll of Breath Savers.

Yesterday we all spent the day at the in-laws’, but my cough kept me indoors while Pete ran around with all the little ones. Tomorrow it’s supposed to hit 70 degrees, so perhaps my virus will evaporate out of my body and leave me alone.

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