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much better, thank you

I tell ya, thinking about Garden State pretty much got me through this week. Between periods of general malaise (dizzy nausea) the fear of being unable to escape through sleep grabbed me from behind. Which meant I wasn’t prepared and didn’t see it coming. And the anxiety and depression, they were not welcome friends at 2 a.m.

I rode it all out because, well, I didn’t have much of a choice.

Thursday was a day of distraction, because I worked in an exhibit booth at the Business Women’s Expo. It was a good way to pass time, because it wasn’t especially mentally demanding. And then yesterday….

….the sun came out. And I drove to Poynette to see Theresa. She’s an incredibly energizing person for me to be around. The road trip was a Good Thing, and we immediately jumped into what Theresa calls “downloading” for at least an hour. That’s where the ideas spill forth and we get out all the stuff we’ve been storing up.

We headed over to the town coffeeshop, where we met another friend/colleague for lunch. We curled up on cushy sofas and I munched on a veggie wrap, which is my kind of business meeting.

After lunch, we toured Birds of a Feather, which is a huge Victorian home that is being offered as meeting and office space for alternative and spiritual practitioners.

I think I’m just drunk on all the potential. It’s everywhere.

Today Pete and I will be working on bringing out some of the potential that resides in our big nearly-empty basement. And so it goes.

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