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fun and games and mst3000

We had an incredible time last night visiting Nichole and JM last night. We played a fun game (with JM acting as game master or emcee or whatever, because apparently he has competitiveness issues — not that the rest of us don’t) and enjoyed a classic episode of MST3000.

Last week, Pete went to the dentist, and the staff was discussing our family Christmas newsletter. The dental assistant told him that they had decided that if they had to go live with one of their client families, it would be us. (Apparently fixing up basements sounds like awesome fun.)

Well, we’re all ready to move in with Nichole and JM. Not only do they have an incredible MST3000 collection, they have a lot of cool artwork and an abundance of interesting stuff. I really should have brought my camera. Or Nichole needs to get over to Flickr and start posting random pictures — because didn’t I read something on her blog about a digital camera?