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exercise for my virus-weary brain

I’m not as organized as Chase, but I’m going to follow his lead anyway.

15 years ago today, I would have been…
1. living (with Pete) in the bottom of a duplex in Evansville, Wisconsin.
2. playing tennis, because that’s what I did almost every day after work this time of year.
3. bringing my employer into the ’80s with desktop publishing.

10 years ago today, I would have been…
1. mother of a 3-year-old and a 6-month-old.
2. working part-time for one of the nicest bosses ever.
3. heavily into planning for Halloween. (I believe I had a panther and a dalmatian.)

5 years ago today, I would have been…
1. sending out exhibitor packets for the trade show I put together.
2. showing off my first tattoo (which I had done 3 Aug 99).
3. happily awaiting my first niece on Pete’s side of the family.

3 years ago today, I would have been…
1. stressed out about finding convention speakers.
2. wondering when Pete and I would get to go on our balloon ride. (We had reserved a ride for our 15th anniversary, and it was delayed many times.)
3. totally into the kids’ Harry Potter/Hermione Granger costumes.

1 year ago today, I was…
1. celebrating the October family birthdays at the in-laws’.
2. following Phase 1 of the South Beach Diet.
3. a noobie at my current job.

So far this year, I have…

1. had my nose pierced and my ear tattooed.
2. accidentally set fire to the kitchen.
3. fallen in love with a doll named Blythe.

Yesterday, I…
1. barely made it through a 6-hour workday and fell into bed.
2. slept with a facial tissue box next to my head.
3. asked Pete to pick up chai at the grocery store, because I really needed chai.

Today, I…
1. sneezed and coughed at work, and was encouraged to go home.
2. am not nearly as tired as I was yesterday.
3. had a package delivered (a refrigerator for my Blythes!)

Tomorrow, I…
1. plan to put in a full day at work.
2. will be going to choir practice, if I can manage to sing a passable note without sniffling.
3. need to remember to write a check for Peter’s cello rental.