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work should always be so fun

Although I was a tiny bit restless by the end of the day, I thoroughly enjoyed being part of the Body Mind Spirit Expo. Pete tagged along today, and boy, did he get his $8 worth. He went to most of the talks, walked around and met quite a few exhibitors, and generally smiled a lot because he was in his element.

I brought Audrey with me and amused myself by taking pictures. But rest assured, my counterpart and I were not goofing off! We did plenty of work on behalf of the Campus, both days. I’m sure we enhanced our name recognition and spread the goodwill.

It’s not our fault that we had time to hang out and talk about life, and family, and boys.

There was a lot of good energy in the place, and I can still feel it in my body/mind/spirit. (Say!) Oddly enough, I didn’t really have a weekend, but I’m looking forward to going into work tomorrow anyway.

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