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spider-man 2

After my parents visited us this afternoon (we went out for pancakes, and they gave me a pretty Corgi plate for my birthday), Moon and I went to get our legs waxed. (More about that in a moment.) Then I took both kids to see Spider-Man 2. Moon actually had seen it with Nicole yesterday, but she was keen to go again. Peter was eager to go. He even called while Moon and I were still at the salon.

Anyway, all the hype is accurate. It’s a terrific movie; even better than the original. And I have to admit that Alfred Molina was strangely attractive in his role. While Moon was eyeing Spider-Man and Harry, I was waiting to see more of Doc Ock. I mean, Tobey Maguire is a baby. Give me the middle-aged guys, moobs and all.

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