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I’m finally posting something on this blog which has become a repository of status updates. It’s New Year’s Eve, I’m sick, and there’s not much else to do besides be all philosophical and stuff. Pete thought about going out to kirtan, but decided not to hassle with the roads. So he’s taking a nap right now. The kids are out having fun, as they should be. Peter and Rachel are together (how cool is that?) and Giulia is at a UW hockey game.

Ludwig has been hanging out with me and doing a pretty good job avoiding all my used tissues.

So, 2010 was fun but now it’s almost over. What about 2011?


  1. Get my physical issues worked out, already. I’m taking iron and a megadose of vitamin D, and my thyroid dose was bumped up. I’ll have another blood test in about 3 weeks. I feel like I’m on my way, despite this virus making me feel like my sinuses are filled with balsa wood. (Related: Get the excess weight off.)
  2. Read some actual books. I read hundreds of online feeds, but I rarely sit down with actual paper anymore. Gotta fix that.
  3. Yoga. Meditation. It certainly can’t hurt anything.
  4. Celebrate the 25th wedding anniversary. Make it awesome, creative, and don’t break the bank.
  5. Ride my bike. I’d like to say “2011 miles in 2011,” but that might be setting myself up for failure. I only have a 2-mile commute to work.
  6. Finish my knitted blankets. Lizard Ridge and Mitered Squares. All I need to do with one of them is sew stuff together, but it’s languished since around 2006.
  7. It’s a start, anyway. And I did manage to wear a skirt every day of 2010, so I know I have the ability to follow through.