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one more sleep till christmas

Here are some Christmas-y things I’ve done this season:

    My craft table
  • Sold a bunch of my knitted stuff at a holiday craft fair
  • Baked cutout cookies with Moon. (Photos are still in my camera.)
  • Ate said cookies.
  • Went shopping on Dec. 23, which turned out to be quicker and easier than any of my previous excursions.
  • Put up our pre-lit, artificial tree.
  • Smiled about all the snow.
  • Sang winter carols at church. Played “Carol of the Bells” on chimes. (My notes were F5, F#5, D6 and E-flat6.)
  • Drank eggnog, eggnog lattes and eggnog chai lattes.
  • Made a wish list.
  • Bought a present for the giving tree at church.
  • Wrote a Christmas newsletter. Stood in line at the post office to buy nutcracker-themed stamps. Mailed cards on time.
  • Felt thankful, contented and happy. (And at turns, frantic, disorganized and unprepared.)

I didn’t:

  • Put antlers on the dog.
  • Decorate the Christmas tree. It isn’t even wearing a skirt.
  • Hang any outdoor lights.
  • Get out the stockings. (Got to find them tonight, I guess.)
  • Get depressed or anxious. (Thanks, modern pharmaceuticals!)

Hope your holidays are awesome.