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strange night

Yesterday was pretty fun, especially watching Moon play “Beast and the Harlot” at master class. She was good! We had dinner out, which might have set the stage for what happened later on. I ate food that I normally wouldn’t have had. (Onion rings, chili.)

I took my medication with water, which isn’t recommended but I figured my stomach was still pretty full from before. And I had trouble falling asleep, Sometime early in the night, I started feeling very nauseated, and thought I was going to throw up. So I dashed into the bathroom, but nothing happened except for a horrible sense that the walls were moving. I made my way back to bed, but collapsed on the floor as I was trying to climb in. Pete awoke with a start. First I told him I needed help, then that I didn’t need help. (I guess I was a little loopy. He thinks I was sleepwalking, but I remember everything.)

I didn’t sleep very well after that, and neither did he. I feel bad that what happened affected his sleep. I guess he thought I was going to fall out of bed or get up and wander around. Tonight I’ll be sure to eat or drink something with my medication. What a lesson! You’d think I hadn’t done this before.