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the day after

I had trouble falling asleep last night (excited!) and today I’m paying the price a bit. Sleep deprivation tends to increase my anxiety. My mind has also been playing the “what if” game … as in, what if the medication doesn’t work this time? What if I always have this constant background hum of fear and dread? What if my body chemistry has changed?

Blech. Good thing the country at large is heading in a direction I can get behind. It’s nice to have one less thing on my worry plate.

Also, McCain’s speech last night? Wonderful. Not so great were the catcalls and boos from the crowd when Obama’s name was mentioned. The crowd in Chicago, large as it was, seemed to behave with far more class and decorum.

(And how cute are those Obama girls? I’m excited they’re getting a puppy… wouldn’t it be awesome if they picked out a shelter dog?)