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post-olympic garage sale

Today was our second try at having a garage sale. Pete and I did some serious garage cleaning during the Olympics, and found many items which potentially could be attractive to budget-minded strangers. So we set up a sale last Saturday, but ran into a problem. Labor Day weekend. Slow traffic.

It was no big deal to store everything for another week. Good decision, because today was much better. Between the four of us (including the kids) we made over $100 and sold some very junky, bulky stuff. The weather couldn’t have been nicer for sitting around and shooting the breeze with customers.

We hauled the leftovers off to St. Vincent de Paul, so now our garage is much less cluttered and messy. Our basement is much improved, too. I actually accomplished my summer home improvement goals: painting the upstairs, getting bookshelves for the basement, de-cluttering, and having a garage sale.

Don’t I deserve a new t-shirt? I’m kind of in love with this one. This one, too. I’m seriously thinking about spending some of my newly earned cash.