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stormy weather

The gods have been hurling thunderbolts and swirling clouds all day, it seems. I was able to make a quick trip to Home Depot for some painting supplies during a lull between storms… Moon has already started taping, and she wants to paint the hallway tomorrow. It’ll be good to have something done before we start tackling the living room.

A few weeks ago, Peter decided not to go on his class trip to the Wisconsin Dells, and that ended up being a wise decision. For one thing, did you hear what happened up there over the weekend? Lake Delton drained out, some houses collapsed, and some roads were closed due to flash flooding. The trip was today, which makes me wonder how much actual water park time the kids got before the tornado warnings and pestilence began.

We received an automated phone call right after hearing an announcement on the news that a group of kids from Peter’s school were stranded and awaiting a police escort so their bus could get them back to Madison. The call was a recorded message saying pretty much the same thing, but with a later time frame. I’m guessing that the kids are back by now (it’s almost 10 p.m.) but imagine how worried all those parents must have been. My anxieties would have taken over my body well before the 3rd or 4th tornado warning.

I’m sure the kids will have lots of good stories to tell, though.