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quiet at home

Pete took Moon and three of her friends to see Nightwish in Mokena, IL, so it’s just me and the boy tonight. They’re crashing with Sister #3’s family because it’s only 1/2 hour from the concert as opposed to the 3+ hours it would take to get back here. Right now they’re about 50 minutes into the first act. I can’t wait to hear the stories tomorrow.

This morning, I walked in the Race for the Cure with Patti and her friend Cathy. Both of them are survivors. Patti’s sister Jeannie usually walks with us, but she’s very sick at this point and isn’t expected to live through summer. We each pinned a photo of Jeannie to our t-shirts so she could still be a part of the day. I’m still sorting through the shock of hearing about Jeannie’s condition. I’d like to see her again, so I’m thinking about a drive to Eau Claire with Patti.

We are all so fragile, really.

Right now Peter is happily playing a newly purchased video game. We ordered carry-out from India Darbar for dinner, and we’re settling in for the night. I’m planning to be lazy and decadent in the morning.