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i think she’s almost forgiven me

Remember the third-time’s-a-charm vet visit on April 11? Well, Foxxi held quite the grudge against me for an entire two weeks. I had to be careful not to make any sudden movements near her, lest my arm be covered in tooth marks.

Also, she yelped at such innocuous things as a dishrag falling to the floor (several feet away from her) and a dryer ball being tossed gently across the room. Yelped and ran for cover.

So guess what? She’s due for another shot, in less than a month. I was under the impression that we’d covered everything during the morphine visit.

After the checkupYeah, this was Foxxi after I carried her to the car, drove her home and placed her on the floor. Where she stayed in the same position for about six hours. We are all very eager to replicate that experience, especially since she’s just now trusting me again. (No bites all week! Knock on wood.)

Even better… she needs her teeth cleaned. She goes under for that, so it should be done within 45 days if we want to avoid having more bloodwork done. Maybe they can do the shot at the same time.

And we can start taking up a collection for all the expenses that are surely coming our way. At least she’s very, very cute.