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spring fever

I feel like I’m getting ready to hatch or something. It’s just been such a long winter, and the past few weeks have been exhausting. Guess what, though? We’re supposed to get snow on the 20th.

We’re settling into a kirtan routine, with Pete playing percussion for MaaShakti Das at a small gathering periodic Fridays. MaaShakti always makes some sort of observation or comment that sticks with me afterwards. Last Friday, it was when he pointed out the deities he’d brought for the altar that evening. The large statue was Ganesha. He reminded us that Ganesha can remove all obstacles.

So when I was out shopping on Saturday, I picked up a small Ganesha. Because I could use a reminder that I have help in that area. I noticed that the word is “remove,” not “overcome.” Somehow that was powerful for me.