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growing pains

When Peter was two years old, he was running around in the nursery room at the YMCA and whacked his chin on a table. I was teaching water aerobics at the time, and had to cut class short so I could take him to the clinic and stop the bleeding. Since he was such a squirmy little guy, he had to be strapped to a papoose board before the doctor could do the stitches. He was not happy about it; in fact, he screamed more about being restrained than he did about the needle.

And, oh my God, it was as if someone punched me in the stomach. I wanted so badly to change places with him, and I guess that’s part of what being a parent is all about. Your kids’ pain hurts you more than anything you ever imagined.

I went through the same thing when Moon was tested for insulin problems. My baby, who rarely cries (because she apparently used up most of her tears during her first three months of life), broke down sobbing when the second draw missed her vein.

It was horrible, but watching her suffer emotional pain is even worse. She had a horrible day this week, one which made her doubt herself and worry that she might never be loved (parents don’t count). It was heart-rending, and I eventually succumbed to my own tears. Was that bad? I just felt for her, because adolescent angst is still so fresh for me. The years just roll away from my mind and heart.

The bad day is behind her now, and I daresay things are even better than they were before. But I know there will be more roller coaster rides ahead, and as much as I’d love to spare her (and Peter) from life’s pains, all I can really do is just be there on the ground, waiting.

her very first failing grade?

Moon has been working on a biographical report for her language arts class. Although she’s doing a marvelous job on it, she won’t be surprised if she gets an F. See, when her teacher explained the assignment, she said, “…and of course, some people would be inappropriate choices as subject matter for this.” When a student asked, “Like who?” the teacher answered, “Well, like Kurt Cobain.”

Moon was stunned, because she had actually been thinking about doing her report on him. During Christmas break, she looked at various other possibilities but kept coming back to him. Her teacher hadn’t mentioned anyone else by name, and hadn’t explained her reasoning.

Anyway, Moon decided to go ahead and do her research. She felt her teacher was being unfair, and Pete and I told her we would support her as long as she does the work. Well, Moon talked with her teacher, and the decision was that Moon could study Cobain but not present her material to the class. She’d be marked down for not presenting. But today, her teacher approached her and said that she had changed her mind. I decided to email her…
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pink pjs

The parent-teacher conference yesterday didn’t tell me anything I didn’t already know, but sometimes it’s nice to hear people confirm that your kid is awesome and smart. Afterwards I came home and spent quality time with Moon (who had the day off school), watching the first few episodes of BtVS Season 6. I actually had planned to visit my friend Theresa and talk about businessy things, but we ended up rescheduling.

Have I mentioned my new business? I’m doing web design part-time at home. Theresa inspired me. I’ve set up as a LLC, and my site is up. It’s still very much in the beginning stages.

Anyway, I’m once again enjoying a typical lazy Saturday morning, still in my pajamas. The timer for my coffee just went off. Life is good.

School of Rock

We spent yesterday afternoon at the Master Class sponsored by Good ‘n Loud Music, where Moon takes bass lessons. The students took home CDs of the play list several weeks ago. During the class, the teachers would call out the name of a song, and anyone who wanted to play could come up. (Of course, we heard each song numerous times so that everyone had a chance. Not bad when it’s the Kinks, Beatles, Green Day, Alice in Chains, etc.)

Moon was a bit nervous at first, but once she got going, she was surprised by how much fun it was. I can’t describe how cool it was to hear her bass line. *flicks Bic lighter*

One guy (not sure if he’s an instructor) did almost all the singing. SpiritMan went up and did backup for him to give him a bit of support.

Moon mentioned that there were many hot guys. I was struck by how much they looked like the boys I went to high school with in the ’70s. The hair is back!

fall back

Yeah, I’m still up, but hey… I’m gaining an hour tonight. Woo! Moon is staying over at Nicole’s house. (Birthday/Halloween party.) She wore her costume, which was completed this afternoon when we pushed our way through the throngs at Party City and purchased a pair of vampire teeth. Yesterday we went to the Homestead to pick up her black trenchcoat. Thank goodness for grammas who can sew and are willing to hem things for their grandkids.

While we were there, we talked knitting. I left with two pounds of dark green yarn and lots of encouragement. Pete’s mom is a needlework whiz. Now that I’ve made some feeble attempts of my own, I’m even more awestruck.

On the way home, we stopped at Hot Topic to look at boots. Moon ended up with a pair of chunky black boots with silver skulls on the buckles. “They’re kinda dressy,” she said. “Hey, I can wear them for graduation.” She’ll be all ready for those high school dances next year.

history in the making

I had to work this morning, so I missed out on the chance to see John Kerry and Bruce Springsteen when they were in town. But Moon, she was the lucky recipient of a last-minute call from Vicki, who was taking Nicole and Aimee downtown for the big rally.

Of course, Moon was still in bed (because the kids are off school for the state teachers’ convention). I shook her and asked if she was interested. Her eyes flew open. “How many people are going to be there?” she asked. “Thousands,” I answered. She jumped out of bed. “Cool!”

I think she likes crowds.

Anyway, she was totally thrilled with the experience (she and Nicole were able to get pretty close to the stage!) and I’m glad she was able to go. It was almost as good as being able to go there myself.

saturday night with michael moore

Listening to Michael Moore
Originally uploaded by me.

Michael Moore came to Madison last night, for a rally outdoors at the UW Memorial Union. Moon begged me to take her to see him. “He’s one of my heroes!” she implored. Sure, I was hacking up a lung, but what kind of mom would I be if mere cold and crowds prevented me from offering her this once-in-a-lifetime experience?

Peter insisted on coming along, because it sounded like an adventure. Of course, after parking, then walking several blocks against the icy wind, he had second thoughts. (Pete was too slow getting ready and was left behind at home.) Somehow we found Moon’s best friend Nicole in the crowd of more than 5,000. (Our view was pretty good, too. See dark, blurry photo here.)

It was an awesome experience, and I’m glad we went. But I’m still coughing.

back to the routine

Quick trip to the store
Originally uploaded by me.

Well, I made it through a whole day at work (9-6!) but Pete ended up at home. So although I was dragging, I picked up our final produce box of the season and stopped at the grocery store for a few provisions.

Tonight was fairly uneventful until about an hour ago, when Moon was trying to write supporting information for her persuasive paper defending gay marriage. She asked for help and became frustrated with our attempts at giving advice, which made us frustrated. She left the room, and I found her on her bed, in tears. Basically, the homework closing in on her in all directions is becoming quite overwhelming.

My challenge as her mom is to be supportive and yet resist rushing in with too much advice. She’s an extremely capable person, and does not need me to spring into action. But ohhhhh I wish I could just take the stress away and make everything the way it should be. Meaning: perfect, with all bowing down before my princess’ beauty, intellect and integrity.

I haven’t even gone into the whole boy thing, and suffice to say that if it were up to me, they’d all be following her around in awestruck wonder. (Or maybe that would just be asking for trouble. Never mind.)

Enjoy the picture of my groceries.

she’ll rule the school

Moon is registered for 8th grade, and I’m just $170 worse for wear. (A big chunk of it was for bus transportation, actually.) Her new ID features a lovely mugshot photo, and she scored a pretty primo locker location. The way-cool teacher she had for 6th grade is her algebra teacher this year, which rocks big time.

As much as the kids complain about having to start school next week, things are going pretty well for them so far. With Moon in 8th and Peter in 5th, they are both at the top of the pecking order at their respective schools. That’s a good thing, right?

the mane way to get ready for school

moon's new 'doFirst thing this morning, Pete and I took the kids downtown to see our miracle man at the salon. Peter had a huge mop of hair that needed taming, and Moon had decided to get about three inches cut off. The stylist layered the ends and gave her a jazzy side part. So cool for school!

Speaking of which, Peter’s school had registration this afternoon. There were forms to fill out and checks to write, but most of all, news of this year’s class assignment. To our surprise, Peter’s teacher isn’t coming back this year. (The kids stay with the same class for 2nd/3rd and 4th/5th grades.) And F is going to be in Turbo’s class. Now Turbo might actually look forward to September.

In other news, I did some kitchen stuff today: blanched green beans and made zucchini appetizer. Pete made an afternoon visit to Dr. Fran and I tagged along. Being in her house made me think of the Oracle.

birthday follow-up

Moon started her day with two hours of summer school. But at the end of class, I didn’t pick her up as I usually would. Instead, Aimee (a newly minted driver) and Nicole surprised Moon, whisking her away in their mom’s truck for an afternoon of frolic and leisure. The three of them went to Best Buy, where Nicole treated Moon to a new CD (Incubus), and then to Noodles & Co. for lunch. Afterwards, they went back to Aimee and Nicole’s house to watch The Butterfly Effect (not something I’d have chosen, BTW). As if one movie wasn’t enough, Nicole took Moon to a matinee showing of Van Helsing.

In the evening, we had the traditional birthday dinner-at-a-restaurant. Moon chose China One Buffet, which made Peter happy. We went home for dessert and gifts…

  • Tenacious D CD (from Peter)
  • System of a Down CD
  • two magazines—Buffy and Angel
  • sheet music for tunes from Pirates of the Caribbean
  • an 8×10 photo of Seth Green (which will arrive in the mail soon)

We then watched Austin Powers on DVD, for more Seth Green goodness.

almost 13

It’s just after midnight, and Moon’s birthday is today. She reads this blog, so I can’t tell you what we bought for her or what’s going to happen. You’ll just have to wait. Things are pretty low-key this year. No big party or anything. But I’m already reminiscing about what I was doing 13 years ago … specifically, timing my contractions. Pete was asleep. I watched the digits on our clock radio, too nervous to close my eyes. (I might miss something, you know.)

At about 4 a.m., I woke Pete, took a shower and grabbed my stuff. We had about a half hour drive to the hospital, and I used the moon as a focus point during my contractions in the car. (Hmm, I just remembered that detail. Interesting.) By 5:30 we were checked in.

The rest of the day was a blur. I was exhausted from staying awake all night (shades of things to come!), and the whole labor thing was rather rough. Long story short, I had an epidural, pushed for four hours, and asked for a second opinion after my doctor recommended a c-section. The second doctor – who was, and I’m not making this up, the first doctor’s dad – agreed on the cesarian, but somehow I talked them into letting me try a forceps delivery. Suddenly, as if someone had yelled, “Hey! Difficult delivery in room 440!” about a dozen more people wearing scrubs gathered at my feet.

“Welcome to my birthing experience!” I announced. At least I hadn’t lost my sense of irony.

We went to work. Right as I had reached the end of my rope, as I was ready to say, “take me to the operating room,” Moon appeared. A beautiful, 8-pound 13-ounce red-haired cherub. In that moment, my entire life changed. I changed, too.

And now I’m going to be the mother of a teenager. Another new adventure with my MoonChild.

like ripping off a band-aid… times 1,000

Yep, MoonChild and I were de-fuzzed today. I originally thought I’d get my entire legs done… calves, shins, thighs. Heck, maybe even that elusive bikini line. But after the first ripppp! I quickly changed my mind. Our stylist did a fabulous job, mind you. It’s just that waxing frickin’ hurts. I did manage to have one knee done, but I winced so much that he wouldn’t do the other one.

I started out on my back, propped up so I could watch what was going on. He worked quickly, and soon I was ready to flip over onto my stomach. My friends, waxing the back of the legs hurts more than the front. There’s a certain loss of control, because you can’t see what’s happening. On the other hand, it’s easier to bury your face in the pillow and pretend you don’t need to scream. Moon let me hold her hand. Toward the end, I started worrying. Moon’s turn was coming. Was she going to be able to take the pain? I wondered if she’d start crying.

The stylist and I could both tell she was nervous, so we reminded her that she could always stop if it was too much to bear. And you know what? She did wonderfully. Not that it was a piece of cake, but she said that she’d be willing to do it again. Me? I don’t mind shaving so much. Contrary to popular belief, waxing does not remove every last hair, and my obsessive-compulsive nature isn’t satisfied with that. I need absolutely smooth legs, so I’ll be shaving those missed follicles. (In fact, I shaved my knees and thighs as soon as possible after getting home. No more gorilla girl. What a relief!)

The verdict: Waxing hurts less than getting a tattoo. It also doesn’t last as long.

moon’s birthday list

Moon will be 13 on July 8, and she forwarded me the birthday list she had e-mailed to the relatives. (The bold face is hers.)

~ System of a Down CD “Toxicity” (parental advisory)
~ System of a Down CD “Steal this Album” (parental advisory)
~ Tenacious D CD “Tenacious D” (parental advisory)
~ Angel Season 1 DVD (expensive)
~ Charmed Season 1 DVD (expensive)
~ Anything Harry Potter POA Related (NOT the video game) posters, soundtrack, t-shirts(XXL), pins, etc. Please no action figures.
~ If you don’t want to get any of those things Money is fine.

*******Expensive means between $45-$55
*******POA means Prisoner of Azkaban
*******It is fine that the CDs have parental advisories. I just thought that you should be aware of that so you aren’t hesitant to buy them.

I’m just glad to see that she doesn’t put an extraneous apostrophe in “CDs.” That’s my girl!

no nicks or cuts

I’ve declared a moratorium on shaving my legs, in preparation for a waxing extravaganza. MoonChild wants to give it a try, and it sounded like the perfect mother-child bonding experience.

Okay, maybe not. But we’re going to do it anyway. Moon hates shaving, but I think she’d like to wear shorts (or at least capris) this summer.
As for me, not shaving for several weeks will be tortuous. Let the stubble begin!

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