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staying home and wiping my nose

Last night was a restless exercise in trying to keep my nose clear and my head comfortable. The good news is that most of my used tissues made it into the wastebasket. The bad news is that not much sleep was to be had.

My co-workers pretty much sent me home after a few hours yesterday, because every time I spoke I started hacking as if I was about to produce a massive hairball. That’s not especially convincing to the prospective students, who are probably equally unimpressed to hear the boss call me “Typhoid Mary.”

Anyway. I decided to save some trouble by just staying home today.

Of course, I have to ask myself why my body would choose sickness and make itself vulnerable to a virus at this particular time. (‘Cause I’m all new-agey and stuff.) The obvious answer is that I need to slow down and pay attention to my life, and my body, and my surroundings.

One thing that’s been going on is that our home will be undergoing a transformation. We’ve decided to finish our basement, and our contractor friend came over to do an estimate on Sunday. I’m sure it’s going to stir the chi up (not to mention the dog hair), and our intention is to use the space to achieve a few of our dreams. Not literal ones–although I’ve been having those, too. For instance, I had a vivid, realistic dream about moving into a small apartment. At first we thought it was awesome, and then we realized the kitchen had a separate entrance. We’d need to go out the front door and back into the kitchen door to get there. Pretty inconvenient, especially with the winters we get around here, no? Anyway, why the kitchen? Is that related to my weight, or what? I could go into the body image revelations I’ve had lately, but that’s a whole ‘nother post, which I’ll probably do over on the other side.

I just hope I’m ready to choose work tomorrow.

it’s good to be me

At risk of sounding like a broken record (ack, what’s a record, right?)… I feel frickin’ good. And it’s lasted all week.

I’m more awake in the morning. I have more energy. I’m more “up.” There is more banter going on. I like this. Could the minor change I made really have affected me that much?

I’m being productive, too. Check out what I did with Xanthe! Plus, work was good–and I have tomorrow off, woo hoo!

blood tests and back to work

Got up at 8 this morning (early!) because I wanted to get to the lab before work. Moon needed a fasting insulin test, which is best done after rolling out of bed. Moon was a bit nervous. She firmly instructed the technician not to even try to take blood unless the vein was absolutely, positively right there. I had mine taken from my hand. Piece of cake. The third technician to look at Moon’s arm decided to take the plunge (ignoring Moon’s demand for a promise not to wiggle the needle) and succeeded.

Not bad at all. I wasn’t too late for work, and my boss said some very complimentary things about the job I’ve been doing lately. I heard a bit about his vacation adventures, which included jumping out of airplanes and doing loops in a biplane. Later in the day, there were a few appointments still available for a massage, so I took one. I signed Pete up for the other. It more than made up for the discomfort of having blood work.

crushing fatigue … again

I know I’ve mentioned my poor sleep habits, but the truth of the matter is that I’ve been tired in general lately. Sure, I often go to sleep at midnight, or 1 a.m., but just as often I sleep until 9, and can hardly drag myself out of bed.

On Thursday, I called Dr. Ann, and told her what was going on. She ordered a blood test. I’m going to try to have it done tomorrow. (It’s time for Moon’s blood test, too. Just call us the thyroid twins.) Fatigue can be symptomatic of too much hormone as well as too little. Whatever the case may be, I just want to not have to think about it at all.

Sometimes I worry about overreacting, but today convinced me I’m on the right track. I went to bed at midnight, and got up at around 8. Right away I thought ahead to my next napping opportunity. We were headed to the in-laws’ to celebrate the various August birthdays in the family, which means an hour in the car. I totally “rested my eyes.” Later, after taking a walk, having lunch and doing the birthday stuff (cake, singing, presents), I sat down to watch some of the Olympics… and fell fast asleep. Pathetic. I hate being a slug, especially on a beautiful day like today.

I did help Niece #2 pick flowers, though, and we met the neighbor’s dog.


After the kickboxing class (and the 5K and a weekend of yard work) I was incredibly sore. But I didn’t want to miss the introductory spinning class yesterday! So I went, and I lifted weights afterwards.

Today my body felt like it had been hit by a truck. I took a break from working out, and sneaked in a massage this afternoon. It was just the ticket. The student was excellent at deep tissue work, and she made my hamstrings good as new.

Just in case I haven’t mentioned it lately, it’s awesome working at a massage school.

kickin’ it

Once a month, my gym has an intro to kickboxing class, and today was the day. I was already pretty sore from yesterday’s 5K walk and an afternoon of yard work, but I didn’t want to miss my chance to be among newbies.

I was the first one there. The class was taught by two outstanding – and shall I say perky? – women. My butt is duly kicked, but I feel quite good about it.

more smilies and less laziness

It’s a beautiful day, and I really should borrow a mower (or machete) and cut the grass. My workout this morning was enhanced by being able to watch TLC on the teeny flatscreen TV attached to the elliptical trainer. I kept running for a few extra minutes so I could see what happened when the hot Brazilian guy finally came face-to-face with the cute LA chick he hadn’t seen for 2 1/2 years.

Yet another reason not to have cable. I’d never get anything done, because I’d be glued to TLC, watching makeovers and seeing long-lost lovers get back together.

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