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voluntary simplicity

Tonight, SpiritMan and I are going to a kickoff session for the Voluntary Simplicity study program at our church. We’ve joined a discussion group, which ought to be fun. Our Medicine Wheel study group last year was an interesting way to get to know other people and explore our beliefs.

This topic is a little different for me, though, because we were all over the simplicity movement around 7 years ago. I had picked up this book out of curiosity, and it was truly eye-opening. SpiritMan read it when we were on vacation and began his spiritual studies in earnest after that.

The thing is, I’ve fallen off the wagon in so many ways. We used to be debt-free, and that’s not the case anymore. My year of self-employment set us back quite a bit. Besides that, I am not the purist I was at the beginning. There’s more clutter in my life, and some of it I want to keep. I never would have guessed I could ever become so attached to TV shows. I’m eating meat again. It’s okay; I think I have more balance now.

But there’s plenty of room to grow, and I think I’ll learn a lot in the coming weeks.

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