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busy thinking

I know I haven’t said much since I returned from my training almost a week ago, but I guess I’m still processing. All I can say is that it was a wonderful experience, and life-changing in many ways.

My challenge now is to hang on to the energy that I felt during that week, now that I’m back in “ordinary time.” Having someone else take care of the schedule, the meals, and so forth liberated me to be able to pay attention to my inner stuff.

Of course, there were practical lessons as well. Feng shui is a fascinating art/science, and it was incredibly interesting learning about it. I had already been studying on my own for years, but that didn’t compare with having real-life experience working with clients and having a mentor to clarify the material.

My family had kidded me about coming home and changing everything around, but they weren’t prepared for what I ended up proposing: that we all switch bedrooms. Not one of them welcomed the idea when they first heard it, but it obviously grew on them … because the day after I returned, we made the move.

More about that later.