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Yep, I have a few plans for 2006. It’s got to be better than 2005.
First, my fitness goals:

  1. Attend step aerobics at 6 a.m. Monday/Wednesday/Friday, and miss as few classes as possible.
  2. Get butt out of bed on Tuesday/Thursday and do some time on the elliptical trainer at the Y.
  3. No more bedtime snacks. Stop eating past 8 p.m.
  4. More fruit, less sugar.
  5. Do the Five Tibetan Rites that we learned about at a wellness workshop last night (at church of all places).

Next, my life as a crafter:

  1. Learn the basics of sewing, with an eye toward recycling unwanted clothing into cool new stuff.
  2. Knit at least one pair of socks.
  3. Make a moebius basket, and continue to knit every day, even if it’s just a row or two.
  4. Plan family meals and teach cooking skills to the kids.
  5. Install closet organizer and turn part of closet into craft storage area.
  6. Finish doing the scrapbook pages about the vacation we took three years ago.
  7. Take out long-abandoned cross stitch and calligraphy supplies, and find out if doing that stuff is still fun. (I’m going to bet that it is.)
  8. Make at least one outfit for the Blythes, knitted or sewn. Take pictures.

For my mind:

  1. Complete feng shui certification and put it to use.
  2. Do tarot readings on a regular basis (self readings count).
  3. Deepen knowledge of PHP and other useful web skillz.
  4. Try to decide what I want to be when I grow up.

I feel very hopeful and positive about the year to come. Both of the kids have had their share of challenges, but I see good things around the corner. It’s amazing to watch the kids change and grow.

Also, Pete and I have church-jumped yet again. More about that later, but another goal for ’06 will be to formalize our membership. One cool thing is that members re-join every year — they don’t take it for granted that you’re automatically staying, which appeals to me for obvious reasons. (Now watch us stay put at the place that provides open ended freedom.)

Okay, time to get busy.