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what i’ve been up to during 4th of july weekend

  1. Dragging Pete and the kids to War of the Worlds (despite it not being a Pete-friendly movie). Overlooking my current distaste for Tom Cruise enough to enjoy the kickbutt alien tripods.
  2. Being sung to by restaurant employees and hoarding my free birthday mug.
  3. Unwrapping the book I wanted and a gift certificate to Lakeside Fibers.
  4. Accompanying Patti (with Peter) to Petsmart to look at the shelter kitties there. Falling in love with a cat named Morty, who is going to come home with Patti in two weeks (yay!).
  5. Driving around trying to find a good spot to watch Rhythm & Booms. Pulling over and putting the hazard lights on next to James Madison Park. (We weren’t the only ones.)
  6. Taking my parents to Hubbard Avenue Diner and Olbrich Gardens.
  7. Trying yet another spectacularly good flavor of Michael’s Frozen Custard (PB Crisp).
  8. Starting a new knitting project. Ripping a huge chunk after losing my place and creating an inadvertent jog in the lace border.
  9. Getting the nerve to wash my recently completed T3 sweater, after looking at it nicely folded on the sofa for several days.
  10. Working on web stuff but obviously not updating my own site.
  11. Deciding that a lame list will have to do.