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good friday

Today Pete did an extremely difficult thing. After almost 30 years of being a church musician, he’s stepping down. Those of you who read my ramblings here know that he and I share some fairly unorthodox beliefs. He is far better read and more cerebral than I am in the area of spirituality/philosophy, and of course a lifelong Catholic. He’s drifted further and further away from the beliefs he held in his youth.

The music — and the friendship he shares with his fellow musicians — has kept him in the church until now. Leaving is tremendously hard for him, but staying has been detrimental to his health. So, ironically (because it’s Holy Week and all), he was asked about renewing his contract to continue directing the choir he helped found at his current parish, and he told the truth. And today he told the whole choir, not just the church staff.

Last night I dragged myself to Maundy Thursday services, and I’m so glad I did. Part of the homily focused on how the act of footwashing was a sharing of vulnerability and godliness, and it totally reminded me of how “the Buddha in me recognizes the Buddha in you.” Yes, I totally connected Christianity and Buddhism right there.

So is it a coincidence that it’s a time of death/rebirth … renewal?