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fahrenheit 9/11

Moon, Pete and I went to see Fahrenheit on Friday, July 2. I’m still processing what I saw. I had already heard a lot of the information (the bin Laden connection, oil profiteers, etc.) but nothing prepared me for the sight of limbless American soldiers returning from war, the helplessness of Iranian women witnessing a family member’s arrest, or the grief of an American military family after losing a son. I had to look through my fingers a few times. Moon said that the scary thing is that this stuff is real. For that reason it’s a thousand times worse than any stylized action movie violence.

“It makes you want to go out and do something about it,” she said.

By the way, the showing we attended was nearly sold out, and the line forming for the 7 p.m. showing was incredibly long. I’ll be curious to see what the box office was like for the weekend.