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things that happened this week

  1. Pete and I cleaned the garage and found some stuff that hadn’t been touched for over 10 years. Nasty!
  2. Two days later, Pete woke up dizzy and upchuck-y. It was so bad that I took him to the doctor and he had an anti-nausea shot and some IV fluids. Diagnosed as vertigo. It’s been much better since then.
  3. The kids registered at high school. I have two high schoolers now. It’s still sinking in. Does this mean I’m old?
  4. Peter decided to check out stage crew after hearing about the first meeting from Moon. He went to the meeting on Saturday (really not a meeting, but a work session — physical labor for these kids!). He had a great time, so it looks like he’s found a school activity already.
  5. We’ve watched loads and loads of Olympics, and I’ve worked on my Ravelympics project whenever possible. But it won’t be done tonight. I’m like a hurdler who tripped up but will still finish. Or like a marathoner who is still working on the race after everyone else has gone home. Oh well, I’ll have an awesome pair of socks when it’s all done.
  6. I ordered this and sold a few of my other bags.
  7. We finally finished cleaning up the basement, although the computer work area is still pretty piled up with papers and stuff. Not my problem, though!
  8. Our vacuum cleaner shut down in protest, so we bought a canister vac to replace it. Not a Dyson, but it was $400 cheaper so I’m not complaining. Plus, I only do about 25% of the vacuuming around here, if that.
  9. ALF’s daughter is at college now, and that seems very surreal to me although we’re only a year away from the same thing.