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I went back to work today, and Moon is starting to show symptoms of the crud. I suggested that she stay home tomorrow, and she argued that she has a presentation to do, her project partner is depending on her, etc. My response (that the teacher would probably grant an extension or something) fell on deaf ears, but I convinced her that I could drop off the materials to her partner before 1st hour tomorrow and the sky probably would not come crashing down upon us.

So she’s finishing up some final touches before heading to bed. I do admire her dedication and her work ethic. I just hope she can keep from stressing out over school. Today’s regret is that she managed to get a B in health class freshman year. I told her she WILL get into the college of her choice despite the mistakes of her youth.

I don’t think she believes me. Aren’t I evidence enough that these things work out?

Anyway. Pete has eight (count ‘em) deadlines to meet tonight, so he’s at work until they’re done or he passes out from fatigue, whichever comes first.

Huh. A tad bit of similarity, much?