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less delirious today

I’ve been through chills, fever (103 degrees!), body aches, nasal crap and coughing. The fever and chills seem to have subsided, but I still look like a big plate of death warmed over, and I wouldn’t wish this particular virus on anyone. So far I’ve avoided cabin fever because I’ve been sleeping or nearly sleeping around the clock. Plus, too weak to do anything when awake.

My son was kind enough to hold an ice cube to my forehead while I was swaddled in blankets Monday night. Weird combination of body chills and head-on-fire. Really, the kids have been good to me. When I was all feverish, I felt the need to tell them I loved them, over and over, in case I was dying or something. (I guess.)

Anyway, I feel like I’m turning a corner, which would be great because I’d love to get out of the house and actually do something. I miss work. And I have candy for the candy dish — it’s been in the back seat of the car since Sunday.

Becky Oh! bagNow for another IndieFixx photo. I was especially happy to see this in my prize package, as I am quite addicted to bags. This one is by Becky OH! who makes fabulous handmade bags small and large. It’s perfect for just a few little items (i.e. what I usually carry besides my current knitting project).

Wonderful stuff. Time for a nap.