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don’t step on her blue suede shoes

Have I mentioned that MoonChild has become quite the Elvis fan? She’s been collecting vintage metal posters of him, and lately she’s been all over eBay trying to find various memorabilia. Today she’s wearing Elvis buttons on her sweater. I just stopped typing this post for a few moments to help her hang a full-body poster of him on her bedroom door. She’s going to cut out paper hearts to tape up all around him.

Is this how mothers felt back in the 1950s?

SpiritMan and I were at a wedding reception on Saturday, and the conversation turned to moody kids. (Turbo.) I told the people at our table about one of Turbo’s anger fits recently, and how his sister said, “When I’m feeling upset, I try and think about what makes me happy. I think about Elvis.”

Woman we’d just met: Oh, is that a family pet?

Me: No, she’s referring to THE Elvis. Elvis Presley. Yes. And she’s 16 years old.

Everyone else at the table: