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movies with the kids

The year is almost half over, and I finally saw a movie in the theater. I guess it takes a rainy weekend to get me to sit in the dark for two hours. The kids and I went to see Mean Girls yesterday, which was quite entertaining and paved the way for some excellent discussion about social structures. I also reserved tickets to see the new Harry Potter movie the first day it’s out, on the Ultra Screen, no less.

I have a feeling that some of our Friday-fundays this summer will be spent at the movies. Pete is going to see HP with us, but he passed on Mean Girls. Instead he had some quality time with his recording equipment.

Moon and I also rented a few flicks: Grease and Clueless. Peter taught me how to play the GameCube version of Return of the King, and we all played several rounds of the HP trivia board game.

Somehow my company was in great demand this weekend. I’m feeling pretty popular with my own kids right now.

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